Our concierge services for members can enhance whole lives. Or at least make them easier.



yair is your lifestyle manager and personal assistant. Your concierge service to relieve the burden in almost all life and work situations. As a yair member you have a highly professional, speedy and discreet team working to make life easier for you.

What can we do for you?

Whether it is about jobs that are onerous to you, or tasks that you’ve had to take on unexpectedly, or that just have to be finally dealt with after so many times of “I didn’t get around to it”: life with a personal assistant – or several – is simply more pleasant. And certainly a lot easier.

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One Membership, many advantages.

We at yair don’t have merely customers. We have members. You will see: Just as we are there for you, you belong a little bit to us – and we to you. We are more of a service family than a company. Our spectrum of services is as diverse as life itself. And as individual as you are.

What and how much can we do for you? You decide.






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